Wednesday, 22 May 2019

THC-V and Weight Loss? Are They Connected?

When it comes to cannabis consumption, the first thing you typically associate with this is raiding the fridge or consuming too much food. But this causes a problem. With obesity increasing, more and more health risks are there and this can impact a lot of the healthcare system. 

There are strains that are used to help relax the body, reduce pain, stimulate appetite, and overall help people. Is there a way to have a product that helps with weight loss though?  A way to keep the munchies away fast Well, there is, and THC-V is possibly the key to finding the appetite suppressants in the cannabis product, and it could possibly incorporate more weight loss as a result. 

How is it Different 

You may think you know the different kinds of THC, but there are actually other ones that are there and they are called Delta-10 and Delta-8 products, close cousins and processed versions of this. THC-V or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a product that is a molecule that is a bit unique.  It can be a good one for a lot of people. It does not have the psychoactive effects that the other types of cannabis too and is considered unique and may offer some light on the development and creation of medicines to help with a variety of diseases. 

Right now, the results of this on CB1 and 2 receptors are actually still a bit mixed, and they have both good and bad effects of this. Right now, there needs to be more research put into this, but for now, a lot of researchers are curious about how effective this can be for appetite suppressants in people. It is effective for some people, but if you have anorexia and bulimia, it may not be good, and it can possibly help those who suffer from obesity which is life-threatening, and give them a bit of a new start to their life. 

Not Psychoactive? 

It is very interesting that a lot of people assume that it’s always going to create the psychoactive effects, but this is actually not the case. There are more and more pointe results that come from cannabis that are worth mentioning. 

Last year, the first drug that was made from cannabis was prescribed, and that’s called Epidolex, which is available for rare conditions of epilepsy. What was holding this back though was the use of cannabis in a treatment plan to help with this, and also to help balance out the cannabis with the psychoactive results of this. 

The goal for this was to create something that wouldn’t impair the person, and this one actually is becoming an alternative for opioids, which are highly addictive and can cause a lot of drowsiness and impairment. THC-V is one that has all of the benefits of the THC chemical, without the need to impair the system, and this is even possible at the larger dosages. There is very little psychoactive results with this, so if you don’t want to get high, this is a good one. It also is good for helping with curbing the appetite too, which we’ll discuss a little bit further here. 

Helping diabetes? 

Diabetes used to be a bit more obscure, but as of late, with all of the different forms of diabetes coming as a result of diets, it’s becoming a lot more common. One in 10 people have the condition, and one in 3 have unmanaged glucose levels that put them at risk for prediabetes. While the study is still very early on, it can be a bit beneficial for a lot of people, and for those who are looking to lose weight, it could be the godsend that they’re looking for as well for them.

Monday, 13 May 2019

What are Cannabis Topicals

One of the most unique products located in the cannabis industry is well, topicals. You don’t smoke it and you don’t’ get high, but when put into your skin, it offers some serious effects. Why does it do that though? Well, there is something quite amazing with this, and it can be a good way to really get the most out of your cannabis experience. 

What are they? 

They are lotions that are infused with cannabis, but they can also be patches, various oils, different soaps and sprays, salts for baths, and lubricants, or even balms too that you can warm up or cool down an area. They’re put directly onto the areas that hurt, and they work super-fast. They offer quick relief for pain, soreness, along with inflammation, and they’re for customers who want the effects that you desire out of cannabis, but also without psychoactive effects that edibles or cannabis may have. 

They work pretty quickly because they bind to your endocannabinoid system that help to control the appetite, the mood, along with the pain and the pleasure receptors that are there. They also have a lot of great elements that really help with working the different systems and are studied quite a bit. 

They activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors and are found within your body as well, since this is part of the endocannabinoid system, and they control everything from inflammation to even the immunity of the body. 

When they’re put onto the skin, the cannabinoids immediately move into the muscle tissue and pores of your skin. They won’t be able to travel across where your blood brain barrier is.  But, if you want concentrated effects delivered straight to the area, this is one of the best ways to get the most results that you can from this, without too much trouble for you. 

What about the THC? 

THC can get absorbed with this, but this is a bit different than before. Unlike other types of cannabis products, this can get into the bloodstream. It doesn’t create a high that’s intense though like you may get with smoking or having an edible, and you won’t be couch-locked or anything. You may just feel slightly mellow and a tiny little high, but that’s pretty rare for it to do. 

Types of Topicals 

There are plenty of different kinds of topicals for you to check out and try. First, you’ve got ointments and salves, which are thick, semisolid, greasy, and usually have no water, and made with an oil base. Creams are another and are usually water-in-oil and great for inflammation. 

Lotions are lighter and not as greasy and are also good for moisturizing too. Oil is well, mostly oil, and is a thicker lotion. There are also gels, which are semisolid and transparent, and they are soon a liquid when put on the skin.  Finally, you’ve got sprays, which are pretty much the ingredient in an aerosol. This is good if you want to get easy preparation, in those areas hard to reach. 

Benefits of This 

There are so many different benefits. From skin conditions to even helping with improving your performance sexually, to even treating movement concerns and also headaches and other pain, this is really good for you. 

For those who have arthritis, they’ll be able to help get rid of the pain, and it can treat a lot of neuropathic pain for people. If you have pain or would like to reduce inflammation and take care of your skin, consider cannabis topicals, for they have a lot of great benefits.

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