Monday, 9 April 2018

Cannabinoids and the Flu

For some people, the flu season hits them hard, and they may wonder if cannabis can help. While it may not cure colds, there are ways that it could possibly help with reducing the inflammation, and also helping to make sure that the mucus isn’t making you cough up. It also is good for those who are nauseous as well if they have the stomach flu. 

Some people feel a little bit hungover after they take flu meds, and sometimes, it can be a bit of a problem to get the sleep that the immune system requires, but indica can help. Congestion and coughing are not good, but there are different tincture sand teas with cannabis in them that are good for ensuring that you have the right means to really take care of yourself. 

Common cold treatments 

This goes back to 1500 BC and it was actually written on a papyrus scroll from back then. The herbal and medical knowledge was known all the way back ten. The cures in this still work, such as eating garlic, lots of citrus, have vitamin C, and also having plenty of fluids. But the ancient Egyptians actually used different plants to help with this, including juniper, thyme, myrrh, cassia, and aloe, also cannabis too. 

Cannabis did not cure the colds that they had, but they’d treat symptoms. So if you have aches and pain, cannabis will help.  Even back then, they didn’t understand inflammation, but cannabis would be used for that, or for fever treatment.  If you can’t figure out what to do, you should try to make yourself comfortable too, and that’s how the ancient people used cannabis as well when they were sick. 

Cannabis Comfort foods? 

Yes, those exist. Because let’s be honest, when you feel sick, you want comfort foods. But not everything is equal. Mashed potatoes for a sore throat is an understandable one, but you’re not going to get better with foods low in nutrients. You want to make sure that you have foods that are actually going to be good for you and provide nutrients. 

You can make cannabis beverages and foods, and it can help. You do need to decarboxylate the raw cannabis before you use it, but you also can use a flavorless tincture to incorporate cannabinoids to pretty much everything. Sativa and indica both actually work well. 

The Magic of Bone broth 

Probably one of the best comfort foods that you can have is bone broth. This is actually a good, basic soup, and it has so many nutrients. The bones of both beef along with chicken have a bunch of nutrients and it’s considered a superfood. There is also vegan options too for those who want to have bone broth. 

You don’t even need to be around the stove either. You can put it in the crockpot, and then cook it for a bit.  You then can have it with some veggies or drink it if you don’t want to put a bit of effort into it. 

Teas are your friends 

Finally, if you’re not interested in cooking but want the nutrients in cannabis and other products, you can actually have some matcha tea with cannabis in it. Tea has a lot of enzymes and nutrients in general with black tea, but matcha is where a lot of the antimicrobials are, and it’s considered a superfood to help protect the body. It’s pretty simple, and remember the general idea is to have a lot of fluids. You can also have different flowers, fruits, and the like to make your own teas. 

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